If you and your feminine soul are ready to stop hiding out, and start making some serious money, I’ve got something you need to know:

Success in business is all about the 3 P’s:

  1. Perception:  How you perceive yourself determines how you show up in life, which is critical to how others see you. If you value and believe in yourself, others will too.  Your ‘flaws’ are really part of your unique gift to the world!
  2. Possibilities:  I will show you how to get out of your own way and establish your true value in the marketplace, which will lead to…
  3. Prosperity!  Your business makes a difference in people’s lives.  Not only is it not shameful to make fabulous money helping people, it’s your destiny!  Help people, make money so you can help more people, repeat!

Are you ready to make more money, in less time, than you ever thought possible, all while doing what you love, and making a difference?

If so, then I can help.  My name is Jennifer Johnson, and I am a business life coach.  Notice there is no ‘slash’…I’m not a business ‘slash’ life coach, but rather, I am a business coach who realizes that your life is a key part of your business, and vice versa.

You see, a few years ago, my life was changed by Life Coaching.  I was so amazed with how it changed me, that I wanted to do the same for others, and I became a Certified Fearless Living Coach.  I soon learned that helping others, particularly women, was not only my dream job, but my calling.  Empowering women to change their lives was changing mine in ways I never thought possible, and I wanted to do more!

The answer to helping more women was simple…I needed to grow my business. Seems simple enough, right? Well, any of you who have done this (or tried to do this) know that it can be anything but simple.  So, I turned to a friend and mentor (everybody needs a coach), who I had met during my training, and she introduced me to Business Coaching.  I quickly realized that this additional training and certification was exactly what I needed. 

Since I believe that investing in yourself is necessary, especially if you expect others to invest in you, I signed up for some very intense (and expensive) ‘business coach training’.  What I learned proved to be nearly as life changing as my Life Coach training had been.  And then it hit me…I could use these tools to help women make fabulous money, doing what they love…what could be more empowering than that?!?!

So off I went, trying to change the world, one business woman at a time.  I was armed with so many new tools, that I felt unstoppable.  But I soon realized that I had fallen into the ‘shiny new thing’ trap.  You know, that feeling you get when you unwrap that new bicycle at Christmas time, causing you to all but forget the old tricycle that was your trusted friend for so many years. 

My life coaching had become that tricycle, and sometimes, you just need a tricycle.  I realized that women who are stuck in their businesses are often stuck in life, as well.  In order to help them reach their goals and dreams, I would need both of my skill sets. So, I decided that I would go forward as a Business Life Coach…or as I like to put it, Coach of the Feminine Soul.

Working with me, you will:

  • Learn to be more productive (and profitable) by identifying your ideal clients. 

No matter what good or service you provide, or how you provide it, YOU are a huge part of your offering…people are buying YOU along with your product or service.  Since we are all unique and special, that means that our offerings are unique, as well, even if they seem identical on the surface.  I will help you bundle what you already have…your mind, body, spirit, and ideas, into a unique, valuable package. 

Customers are also unique, so they will be more attracted to some offerings…I call these their ‘ideal needs’.  Putting these two concepts together, it makes sense that a client who’s ideal need matches your offering would be your ‘ideal client’.  I will help you figure out who your ideal client is, based on the total of your offering, which will allow you to rise above your ‘competition’, and stop wasting time trying to sell everything to everyone!

  • Discover how a simple conversation, if done correctly, can become your biggest selling tool.

By asking a few simple questions, you’ll learn to not only present an offer that perfectly matches the needs of your customer, you’ll actually, AUTHENTICALLY, convince them that they NEED what you have to offer. They will WANT to buy from you!

  • Finally be able to feel good about charging what your offering is really worth.

Women are givers…that’s just how we are wired.  You know that speech the give on flights, ‘put your mask on first, then help others’…well that’s for women…men already know that stuff.  We tend to over deliver, and under charge.  You and your offering are VALUABLE, and there is nothing wrong with making FABULOUS money from something valuable!

  • Uncover what issues are really keeping you from greatness.

We all have some part of us that we wish we didn’t.  Some physical feature, some piece of history, some experience…something.  If that something is in the way, you have to overcome it. Or better yet, profit from it by making it part of your unique offering!  Newsflash…everyone has ‘flaws’.  Instead of looking at them as things that separate us, you should be looking at how they can bind us tightly together.  Like, know, and trust are HUGE in business, and being a ‘kindred spirit’ can build these traits stronger and faster!

  • Have an accountability partner, who will always look out for your best interest.

Accountability can go a long way toward helping people achieve goals.  Studies have shown that when people set out to accomplish something on their own, the only succeed about 50% of the time.  If they join a group, this goes up to about 75%, but when they work one on one, with a coach, it rises to an amazing 98%!  I will be there to not only hold you accountable, but also to celebrate your wins!  

If you are ready to start loving the skin you are in and to be truly rewarded for who you are, and what you have to offer, I’m ready to begin the journey with you.  You and your offering make up a unique gift to the world.  Your knowledge, ideas, life experiences, beliefs and personality all make what you have to offer valuable.  All you have to do is take the right steps, and results like these are possible:

  • More time off, to truly enjoy your life, than you ever thought possible.
  • Your income is double, triple, or more, despite working fewer hours
  • The authentic you, and your valuable content, is so focused, that your clients and peers will see you as an expert in your field.
  • You will have the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’

I will give you the tools and training that you need, including step by step plans, as well as done-for-you templates and checklists.  By holding you accountable, I will make sure you take the actions necessary to achieve your goals.  With me, you will get un-stuck.

The first step is to let go of all the excuses that are holding you back.  To help with that, I would like to send you a copy of my free report, ‘5 Steps to Living Beyond Excuses’.  All you need to do is go to the top right hand corner of this page,  enter your name and email address in the  blanks, and click ‘I’m Ready’.  That’s it…the link to your free report will be delivered to your inbox! 

I also invite you to check out the rest of my site, and when you are ready to make some real changes in your life and business, drop me an email at Jenn ‘at’ TheJenniferJohnson.com.  Tell me a little about yourself, what type of business you are in, and what you’re goals are.  If I think we are a fit, we’ll take it from there.

I look forward to helping you get out of your own way so that you can become a happier, MORE SUCCESSFUL, authentic, version of yourself.

Yours in Success,